The personality of Nelson Mandela, Part 2

When WMC actually existed, Mandela saw through it and condemned it.

Nelson Mandela on Anglo American Corporation in 1953:

“The Oppenheimers sometimes presented their companies as enemies of apartheid. Ernest and Harry each served as opposition members of parliament protesting against the evils of segregation. At the same time, Anglo was at heart a mining house, whose profits were built out of the exploitation of migrant workers from across the southern African subcontinent. In reality, Anglo mines were just as cruel in their operation as those of supposedly less salubrious mining houses, serving up the same fare of tuberculosis, crippling injury and racist brutality … Nelson Mandela captured the bitterness that Anglo’s seeming hypocrisy provoked very well in this 1953 comment: ‘Rather than attempt the costly, dubious and dangerous task of crushing the non-European mass movement by force, [the Oppenheimers] would seek to divert it with fine words and promises and divide it by giving concessions and bribes to a privileged minority.’

(From Anthony Butler, Cyril Ramaphosa, 2007, p.122.)

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